Illipe butter

Illipe butter (or tengkawang fat) is made from the nuts of the endangered Shorea Stenoptera tree, which only grows in the forests of Borneo.

When ripe these large nuts fall to the forest floor, where they are harvested by hand before being boiled to soften the hard shell. Once opened and sterilized the seeds are sun dried for several days before being brought to our community based, zero waste processing unit. Here the seeds are processed through simple oil presses and vacuum filtered to obtain a pure, raw product.

The butter is traditionally used e.g. to moisturize the skin, to heal sores and sunburn and as a flavour enhancer for traditional dishes.

  • Available in crude Illipe butter & refined decolorized and deodorized Illipe butter.
  • The shelf life of Illipe butter is 3 years.
  • Available in 19kg buckets and 200kg drums

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