Forestwise approach

We create rainforest value by producing and selling wild harvested deforestation-free rainforest products

1. Conserving the forest
Any farmer, community, cooperative, village or other type of organization that legally owns, manages or administers a forest area can apply to join Forestwise.
Forestwise will advise and help the farmer or organization how to best conserve the forest area.

Collecting Tengkawang nuts form the forests in Borneo

2. Providing efficient processing technology
Forestwise establishes which forest products have the most potential for  creating forest value for the forest community in the specific area.
Together with the organization, Forestwise will setup sustainable and efficient supply chains to get from fresh forest product to raw material or consumer product, aiming to create most of the value as close as possible to the forest.

Currently we are working to build our own factory in Sintang, Kalimantan

3. Distribution and sales
Forestwise sells the rainforest products both locally and abroad. Each farmer gets the same fair and fixed percentage of the sales price of the products.
Forestwise sells directly to manufacturers and consumers, to maximize the financial benefit for the farmers as well as the financial incentive to conserve the forest.
We setup brands around rainforest products to let consumers experience the power of undiscovered pure rainforest products


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