Rainforest value

What is rainforest value?

When we talk about rainforest value, we mean the value of products harvested from the rainforest which results in maintaining the wild rainforest, conservation of wildlife, employment & income for local inhabitants and conservation of fresh water, air & fertile soils.

Why do we need to create rainforest value?

The Rainforest is a source of good stuff. However in the last 50 years, 50% of the original rainforest is lost. Every second a piece of rainforest the size of a soccer field disappears to make place for monoculture plantations. The results are excessive CO2 emissions, loss of biodiversity, polluted rivers, bleached corals, floods and droughts. Moreover the people living in the forest communities earn low incomes and have no limited to no access to proper jobs and/or financial services. They are losing their land to corporates and have limited access to proper health care and education, while they are the ones who experience the negative side effects of the deforestation most; no clean drinking water, no shadow, increasing temperatures and infertile soils.

Rainforest transformed to monoculture plantation

Collecting Illipe nuts without harming the rainforest